Apply for CoEEM membership

Due to nature of the subject matter addressed on this website, the application process is split into two stages. Applying for membership is not a guarantee of membership, your application may not be approved. Your application will be verified by your organisation. The verification process may take 1-8 weeks depending on whether a suitable verifier has been appointed within your organisation.

In applying to become a member of CoEEM you are required to submit the following 'business card' information about yourself. We request sufficient information in order to identify you as an individual. We use this information to verify your application and to deliver the CoEEM service to you as a successful applicant. By submitting your application you acknowledge that this information is contractually necessary to vet you as a member and for the subsequent delivery of CoEEM services as a member.

To initiate a membership application, please complete the form below:

In submitting this request you are agreeing that the information entered can be used to verify your application and, subject to approval, create your account. Cranfield University acts as the data controller for the CoEEM initiative. To contact us about the data we hold on you please submit a request using the Contact form in the Contact area of the site.