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New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials


The twenty first consecutive Seminar on new trends in research of energetic materials is intended to be a world meeting of young people and university teachers working in the fields of teaching, research, development, processing, analyzing and application of all kinds of energetic materials. This Seminar also covers explosions in gaseous, dispersed and condensed systems. It is not aimed only at the exchange of professional information but also at creating a pleasant meeting where young specialists from different countries have the opportunity to meet and gain personal contacts. Papers should not only describe research work, but should also demonstrate awareness of the context and background for the research. The intention of this meeting is to provide pleasant and welcoming atmosphere where exchange of professional experiences goes along with building of strong personal relations among young specialists working in the field of EM. 

Location: University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic

Date: 17/04/2018 - 20/04/2018


Insensitive Munitions and Energetic Materials Technology Symposium


The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) are sponsoring a joint industry/government symposium on Insensitive Munitions (IM) and Energetic Materials (EM).

This year’s theme is “Innovative Insensitive Munition Solutions for Enhanced Warfighter Effectiveness.”

New IM technologies, EM and formulations are being developed and deployed into the field. This symposium will look at the benefits of these new solutions to the warfighter, logistics, cost and safety of operations. The 2018 IM and EM Technology Symposium is the premier international gathering for the exchange of information on advancements in IM and EM and their benefits to the warfighter.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, Portland, OR, USA

Date: 23/04/2018 - 26/04/2018


Fundamentals of Explosives at the University of Rhode Island


Fundamentals of Explosives short course on Chemical & Physical Principles including blast effects, detection, forensics & HMEs. This course examines the chemistry of explosives, the physics of detonation waves and their initiation, and the issues involved in safe handling and characterizing these. Explosive output and coupling to surroundings, with specific application to structural response, will be discussed. We will address terrorist bombings, the gathering, analysis and interpretation of evidence, improvised explosives, and explosive detection. Lecturers are internationally known experts.

Location: University of Rhode Island

Date: 01/05/2018 - 03/05/2018


Gordon Research Conference on Energetic Materials


The 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Energetic Materials "Exploiting advances in additively-manufactured, nano- and non-crystalline materials, synthetic methods, modeling and simulation, and in situ diagnostics for energetic materials" promises to be a stimulating venue for open discussions of cutting edge research among a diverse group of early-career and established scientists who are dedicated to understanding the properties and behavior of energetic materials. This Gordon Research Conference will have a particular focus on highlighting emerging and innovative experimental and theoretical approaches that have the potential to significantly advance the current state of the art and shape future directions of this research community. The main topics of discussion will include novel synthesis and scale-up of new materials, advanced diagnostics and experimental techniques, nanoscale, non-crystalline and additively-manufactured energetic materials, and new theoretical methods and models for simulating the behavior of energetic materials, including detonation, ignition/initiation, sub-detonative response, and thermal decomposition. An equally important focus will be on the development of the next generation of energetic materials researchers, through initiatives which promote creation of new connections between young researchers and established professionals.

Location: Grand Summit Hotel at Sunday River, Newry, ME, USA

Date: 03/06/2018 - 08/06/2018


49th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT on Energetic Materials


The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology is holding its 49th International Annual Conference on Energetic Materials. The research and development of new energetic materials and formulations for ammunitions, propellants and pyrotechnics is an ongoing process worldwide. Energetic materials must meet a variety of requirements, some of which may be contradictory. Requirements relate primarily to the performance, but insensitivity, stability and vulnerability also play an important role. However, new perspectives have recently emerged in this field. Increasing awareness of the risks that toxic compounds pose to humans and the environment has led to the banning of hazardous materials, and stimulated the search for non-critical substitute components. Other new perspectives include synthesis and processing methods that are environmentally friendly or give access to new materials such as co-crystals, nanocomposites, energetic ionic liquids and 3D energetic metal–organic frameworks. The new energetic ingredients, and advanced production technologies such as the additive manufacturing of energetic materials, may lead to new, innovative applications and the enhanced performance of existing products.

The objective of the 49th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT will be knowledge exchange on basic research, technical implementation, political requirements and industrial use, in order to promote the forward-looking development, production and application of energetic materials related to defense technology, pyrotechnic devices and space propulsion.

Location: Convention Center, Karlsruhe, Germany

Date: 26/06/2018 - 29/06/2018


IExpE Early Careers Symposium 2018


The Early Careers Symposium is in its fourth year and is for all those within the first 10 years of their careers. It is aimed at early careers professionals working with explosives and weapons in any form. The event draws together a range of industry and government professionals from Sector Skills Strategy Group (SSSG) who are involved within the explosives and weapons sector. The event includes

  • Technical Lectures
  • Team Building
  • Poster & Presentation Competition with prizes
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Formal Dinner

Contact the Early Careers Team or your company representative to book your place.

Location: Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwick, CV8 2LD

Date: 09/07/2018 - 10/07/2018


7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress


EuCheMS is the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences.  Over the next four years they aim to develop an exciting congress, with a core programme built around excellent science and including researchers from around Europe.

Their goal is that the Congress will support the advancement of scientific knowledge, bring together members of the scientific community, support the next generation of European scientists and strengthen the collective voice of European scientists. They anticipate that the event will attract more than 2000 of Europe’s leading chemical scientists as well as policy makers, students and educators.

Location: ACC Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Date: 26/08/2018 - 30/08/2018


DVD2018 Millbrook


DVD2018 is a key event for all those involved in UK Land Forces equipment and support. Jointly sponsored by Army Headquarters and the Defence Equipment & Support (Land Equipment) organisation - the section of the MOD responsible for equipping and supporting the UK's Armed Forces for current and future operations, it provides an effective and efficient forum for Army HQ staff, DE&S personnel and industry representatives involved in the Land Equipment sector to develop ideas and generate a greater understanding of technologies, capabilities and requirements.  DVD remains an important event enabling this coordinated engagement through informal discussion, briefings, demonstrations and displays. Other stakeholders from across the MOD are also welcome to attend to broaden perspectives and encourage innovation.

The aim of the DVD2018 is to showcase the equipment and technology that can support a British Army which is fit to meet future challenges and embraces the need for continuous adaptation. Those attending will be able to see a wide range of equipment on display from industry and the military, with more than 250 companies expected to exhibit at the event. Displays will range from specialist vehicles to all the equipment and services necessary to support land-based military operations.

Location: Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire, UK

Date: 19/09/2018 - 20/09/2018


IExpE 2018 Conference


New for 2018 IExpE holds a 2 day conference consisting of presentations, demonstrations and workshops for the latest knowledge and information on the industry for 2018.

Location: Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, Telford, UK

Date: 26/09/2018 - 27/09/2018


Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Symposium


Cranfield University is hosting the 2018 Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) Symposium, on behalf of the Sector Skills Strategy Group (SSSG) of the explosives industry.The theme of this year’s symposium is Manufacture, Support and Disposal. With an increasing trend towards leaner, just in time manufacturing, stock reduction, and efficient turnaround of inventory, the 2018 OME Symposium will explore how suppliers are meeting their customers’ needs, and how customers monitor their stock in accordance with supplier’s recommendations.

The 2018 OME Symposium will explore how suppliers meet their customer’s and end user needs, how the stock is monitored through life to ensure it remains fit for purpose. The 2018 OME Symposium will delve into all parts of the OME life cycle through to timely disposal. 

Location: UK

Date: 06/11/2018 - 07/11/2018